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Recording Unit LX-110/120 [ Specifications ]
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LX-110/120 Unit Specification

Sampling Frequencies


96 / 48/ 24/ 12 / 6 /3 / 1.5 kHz (Common to each Channel)

Low speed sampling Cutoff Frequency Attenuation
1kHz 400Hz -80dB( at 500Hz )
500Hz 200Hz -80dB( at 250Hz )
200Hz 80Hz -80dB( at 100Hz )
100Hz 40Hz -80dB( at 50Hz )
50Hz 20Hz -80dB( at 25Hz )
20Hz 8Hz -80dB( at 10Hz )
10/5/2/1Hz 4Hz -80dB( at 5Hz )
2/5/10/30/60s(cycle) 4Hz -80dB( at 5Hz )
(Aliasing will occur at and under 5Hz sampling)

Sampling Frequenies


102.4 / 51.2 / 25.6 / 12.8 / 5.12 / 2.56 / 1.28 kHz
65.536 / 32.768 / 16.384/ 8.192 /4.096 / 2.048 / 1.024 KHz

100 / 50 / 20/ 10 / 5 / 2 / 1 kHz (Common to each Channel )

Tachometer Pulse Input 

(Cannot be used simultaneously with generator output)
Num. of Input Channels 2 x 16 bit Channels、2 x 32 bit Channels(Highest sampling frequency settings support the moving average only at one(1))
Use the lowest 1bit for techometer pulse timing bit.
Input Format Threshold level selections +0.5/1/2.5/10/20 V (Max allowable input voltage is 50 V)
Input Connector BNC
Frequency Division Ratio Setting 1 to 255
Moving Average Measurement 1 to 16
Measurement Mode Pulse count mode(Count of number of pulses within the gate time; Conunt of the total number from start to stop),Cycle count mode,Frequncy measurement mode,RPM mode

Generator Output

(Cannot be used simultaneously with tachometer pulse input)
Num. of Output Channels 1ch (Monitor output and a combined use)
Output signal Sine wave,Sweep Sine wave,Pulse,Pink noise,White noise
Input Channel change 1/ 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 ch

Recording Devices

Choice of Memory only,Memory+PC card drive*
Memory From the standard 64MB to a maximum of 576 MB
PC card

Flash memory , supports up to 8GB capacity (FAT16 or FAT32)

*Please refer to homepage reference or business for the recommended PC Card.
Inteface Choice of 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX or Firewire( IEEE1394) (Specify one when you order)
Monitor Channel 1(analog output),BNC
Monitor output level +/-1 to 5 V (0.1 V step)
Microphone Jack 1

Speaker and Earphone Jack

1 each

MAX. Recording Rate

Memory Approx.1.6 MB/s,PC card Approx.0.8 MB/s

PC Throughput

Firewire(IEEE1394) Approx. 1.6 MB/s,Ethernet Approx.0.8 MB/s

Time Precision

+/-1ppm ( 25 deg C )

Temperature and Humidty

5 to 35 deg C Humidity 20 to 85%RH (Operation)(non-condensing)

Internal Clock Correction

+/- 30-seconds adjustment

Power Supply

11 to 30 V DC

Safety Standards



Conforms to MIL-STD-810 Figure 514.4-1,2,3 for the models with memory only memory + PC card drive
Power Consumption *These specifications are different by the number of the amplifier / channels to choose.Please refer to amplifier specifications page.

Usable OS of Standard software [LX-Navi]

Windows XP/ Windows 2000

External Dimension (WxHxD) (Excluding protruding Parts)

Approx 300 x 65 x 200 mm

Approx 11 13/16" x 2 9/16" x 7 7/8"
Weight *These specifications are different by the number of the amplifier / channels to choose.Please refer to amplifier specifications page.
Standard accessories
DC Power Cable/AC Adaptor/Standard software[LX-Navi] /Instruction Manual

Remote Control Unit (ER-LXRC100)
LCD Color LCD 320x240 pixels
Functions Bar meter display,main-unit control (setting recording reproducing),Microphone input
External Dimension Approx 170W x 30H x 100D mm (excluding protruding Parts)
Weight Approx 0.65 kg /1.4lb (excluding cables)
Battery Unit (BU-81)
Battery Pack HP-30L from Paco Electronics Industry Inc.
Num.of Internal Battery Packs 3(battery packs is described below)
External Dimension Approx 300W×27.5H×200D mm/12W×1H×8D in (excluding protruding Parts)
Weight Approx 1.5 kg/3 lb(excluding the battery pack and mounting brackets)
Battery Unit (BU-81)
Battery Pack(HP-30L)
Supply voltage 13.2V
Capacity 3.3 Ah
Weight Approx 700g /1.5lb
Size NP1type
Battery charger for Battery Pack (KH-2S from Paco Electronics Industry Inc.)
Power Supply 100VAC(200VAC Automatic reshuffling )
Slot for Battery Pack 4
Vechicle mount adapters TZ -LXVM Front handle TZ -LXFH
Vechicle mount adapters TZ -LXVM
Front handle TZ -LXFH

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